Coursettra LMS, by 4iQ Solutions, is an advanced learning and training application for companies looking to invest and develop their most valuable resources. Their team.

The 4iQ Solutions story is what sets us apart. Originally designed to handle the complex education needs of medical university students, the Coursettra LMS combines a competency-based learning management approach with corporate training needs to ensure your learners will meet the challenges and objectives set before them to improve performance.
Publish & Track Instructor Led Training Events
Whether you are conducting Instructor Led Seminars or On The Job (OJT) training exercises, Coursettra LMS provides learners with 'Access-On-the-Go'.
Website Design
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Consider this...
The Utility, Construction and Union/Association industries have a completely different set of needs than most corporate LMS' can provide.

Here are a few reasons why we are different and why you might like to schedule time to talk with us.
Let's Get Going!
Coursettra LMS is a beautifully-engineered platform designed to handle all of your ongoing training and development programs. Complex or straigtforward, Coursettra was built for versatility and ease of use.
The 4iQ Solutions team is here to work side-by-side on your path to success. Whether you provide instructor led seminar trainings or self-registered, self-paced certification courses.
Quiz & Exam Engine
Coursettra's powerful quiz and exam engine will provide you the ability to assess the content you've created and confirm the objectives you seek to teach have been achieved.
Impactful Outcomes
Providing a direct line of sight on training your staff and educating your audience. Focus on critical competencies and objectives needed for success in multiple areas of your training programs.
Coursettra Mobile LMS
Hold tailgate or impromptu training sessions utilizing the Coursettra mobile app. Quickly and easily scan and register all who are in attendance for accurate record keeping while working in field.
QC Review Tools
OJT (On the Job Training) functionality provide you the ability to work one on one with your staff to monitor progress, encourage professional development and reward accomplishment. All documented within Coursettra LMS.
Check out the Seminar Feature!
Coursettra's Seminar feature is fast, flexible and easy to use. Whether you are charging for your training classes or offering them free to register, attendees can register online, scan QR codes to record attendance and be placed into corresponding courses or assessments.